Imex International
Exclusive distributer / supplier to a variety of industries


Exclusive Distributer / Supplier to a variety of Industries


Imex International Inc. is a Canadian company located in British Columbia, Canada, specialized in tunnelling, mining, construction, and environment equipment supply and services.

Areas of Business


The world is undergoing ever changing infrastructure to scale and allow for new growing population and the technology demands for delivery of people, substances and information. Use of underground increases day by day for transportation, water, sewage, pipelines and other passages connecting the world and its resources together.


Demystifying a project for is the artistic part to our practice. It requires technical finesse, strategic structuring, a sense of human and technical resources, as well as financial projections. We offer the knowledge and expertise that optimizes this process.


Connecting people and making distances as short as possible is of high importance in today’s fast paced life and economy.


Rich resources of the Earth’s surface and underground are vital to our modern ways of life and improving the quality of everyday living. Building the future of civilization depends on mining. Careful and responsible exploration and extraction of minerals in an important aspect of sustaining and building the future together. 


Environmental management, protection and maintenance are of the top global matters affecting our existence, sustainability and health, and to keep our own living environment clean and safe is one of the first smaller steps.


Drilling & excavation are key parts of excavation, exploration and harvesting vital materials as well as delivery of them via pipes, paths and trenches.


To build and create is a very rewarding undertaking. Building anything in a useful, time and cost efficient way, from structures, roads and highways, to tunnels and buildings require the right tools. Selecting advanced tools suitable for a project make significant difference in time, space, and cost of undertaking this task.


Drilling business. There’s immense potential, but also a high risk. The rules of the game seem vague at best. Establishing an apparel brand is a multi-faceted feat, and a complex undertaking which we love to tang which we love to tackle.


Quite often, harvesting or transporting precious substances require use of specialty materials and tools built using them.